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May 12th, 2012, 11:33 AM
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Please, large family Mommies, help me with some suggestions for vacation.

We're talking about taking our kids to Disney this summer - June or July.

Or SeaWorld

or Bush Gardens...

Regardless, we know we're heading to Florida - there will be no hotel costs, as we have family and friends in the area and are taking turns putting up with us for a night or two

So my question is, which do you do? We cannot afford to do ALL, and I do not want to do more than one day at any of the parks - and yes I know people say you need 2 days or more to get the most of Disney, but we're talking almost $2,000 to get a family the size of mine in the door.

One day at each park, Disney, SeaWorld, or Bush Gardens is roughly the same, just about $10-$20 difference depending on which park.

So, wwyd?

Oh, and we're thinking about adding the Florida Aquarium in Tampa to our trip, since to get in there for our entire family will just be about $130 for the day. So we were thinking that would be our second "family" activity, as well as some beach time.

Thoughts? Suggestions?!

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