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May 12th, 2012, 12:08 PM
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Okay...I'm not against buying whisky for teething, but that whisky would be for me, not baby!

This is absolutley crazy to me! And at first there was just mention of them getting a little on their gums, which I'm still against, but whatever...but then you mentioned letting them suck on it through a straw!!! That's more than wetting the gums...or freezing some wine on cloth...are you kidding me. A good sip of wine has my head buzzing and I'm a grown woman! The alcohol thing for babies is wrong on so many levels and it has nothing to do with being "uptight" has to do with doing the right things.

For those of you looking for legal teething advice, tylenol, teething necklaces, hylands teething tablets and if you must orajel. I only say if you must because it feels so weird in my mouth an d sometimes painful too...I don't use it on babies.

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