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May 15th, 2012, 02:08 AM
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So I am back from my sister's wedding, it was great I am starting to show a lot now (I will post pictures sometime soon), but the bridesmaid dress I was wearing doesn't really show much of a bump. I can tell because I know what to look for, but I don't think it shows much on pictures at all.
I still haven't announced on facebook, because DH STILL hasn't told one of his friends yet and wants me to wait. At this rate I may as well wait until after next Monday's ultrasound and announce the baby's sex at the same time lol. Most people who matter already know, anyway. We went very low-tech for our announcements: phone, in person and the occasional personal e-mail.
I have had a few dreams about my baby already, I'm so sure it's a girl <3 But if not it will take some adjusting mentally because I have been thinking of the baby as a girl ever since my 12w ultrasound, but I just know a little boy would make my heart melt too. I just can't wait to know!
I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move twice now, once it was clearly the baby and once I wasn't quite sure. 15 weeks is still on the early side to feel movement for a first-time mom, but it's believable especially since I don't have a lot of body fat at the moment (courtesy of the non-stop nausea and vomiting I had for 2 months).
The good news is that I have been vomit-free for nearly a week. The true test will be if I can remain so on the train ride home, I will pack some baggies just in case, but maybe... I was even able to enjoy food and even found my appetite again. Some foods still taste "off" to me, but they haven't made me sick. It was just a question of swallow that one bite and then don't eat the rest, as opposed to making me vomit. I have even been able to brush my teeth without any puking.

We are going to go home, get back into our life and routine (or start a new one, in my case, since staying in bed all day and eating crackers is hopefully in my past for now), have the ultrasound on Monday and then we will start planning for baby in earnest: decluttering the office, moving the office furniture into the living/dining room, removing the wallpaper, painting or wallpapering depending on what our landlord agrees to let us do. Looking for a car and shopping around for insurance for the car. Comparison shopping for strollers, cribs etc. so we know which ones to keep an eye out for so we are ready to jump on a good deal if one comes our way. Stocking up on diapers when they go on sale. This is starting to feel real.

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