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May 15th, 2012, 05:17 AM
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May 15,12 32wks 6days

50 days til my due date!!!!!
This is one of my milestones that I have been counting down
officially (since my 100 days til due date, back on March 26th)
Its hard to believe that much time has passed. Some of yaw
may know that I was trying or thinking about going on a vacation
but something else came up (private legal matter) if it could of worked
out... I would of left May 8th...then arrived to S. Carolina May 9th...
made it to family [email protected] Paris Island May 10th...for some of my family
members to spend time with my hear her talk about her life
@ boot camp (Marines!) then see her graduate (her & a friend) and
become Marines on May 11th and head back to Ohio the morning
of May 11th to get to Ohio the night of May would of been
a long road trip both ways.....but legal pressing matters had to be dealt
with and I thought it would be no fun for them to have to deal with a
very pregnant person...saying UM sorry... "I need another bathroom break." one of my sisters said they drove mostly straight both ways...
so yeah...good I didn't go....sad I missed the beach scene...I would of
loved that. Mother's Day I went to church with my mom& 3 of 4 of my was nice! I stood up when they said who are all the mothers
standing in this room.....there were other pregnant women there... also
nice to see (that I am def. not alone) my mom kept giving me side hugs
during the quiet moments of the preacher's wife talking or preacher talking which was very nice..... we ,especially l ,am not really the huggy
type (cause I am shy) but hugs are really needed &&& mean more
since I do not initiate hugs (that is where hubby & I differ...) will work
on that cause I want our daughter to have better than what I had
growing up...not just physical things but emotional needs met.....nothing worse than feeling like emotional needs are not being met.... my pregnancy is going great! I pray daily! I love the baby's movements... 33wks tomorrow!!!! that is my next update!!!
The baby will grow from the size of a squash to cantaloupe. (this
week til 37wks. Will write a short update tomorrow... in my mini
celebrations of Chandler & I's daughter. Thanks for reading!!!

P.S. my Marine sister had not seen me since I was 2
almost 3 months pregnant I which I was not showing in comparison to now.... and I asked her to be I look huge
pregnant right now...and she said it looks like I have not gained
any weight just that my baby shape has changed (where I have a
huge belly) on a large that made me feel great! I told
her that I have only gained 14 pounds since the beginning....
and my doctors are great with that...most of that weight is
upper and mid section (areas of the body that is related to
pregnancy) Another sister of mine said my belly is huge...
shouldn't I be in the hospital or something??? and I said No...
not til around her due date.......I thought that was quite

May 16th 33 wk update 49days to go!
May 23rd 34wk update 42 days to go!
May 24th 34wks 1day (10 year wedding anniversary) 41days to go!
May 25th 34wks 2days (40days til due date!!!)
May 30th 35wks 35 days to go!
*June 4th 35wks 5days (30 days to go!) 1 month til due date*
June 6th 36wks (28days to go!)
June 13th 37wks (21days to go!)
June 14th 37wks1day (20 days to go!)
June 20 38wks (14 days to go!)
June 24 38wks 4days (10 days to go!)
June 27 39wks (1 wk to go! )
July 4 40wks (due date!)
*July 7 40wks 3 days (when we would love her bday to be)
cause this is our 11 years together total.....*

As Long As She is Healthy & Alert that is what matters the most!

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