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May 15th, 2012, 11:02 PM
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May 16, 12 33wks

Happy 33wks to my baby girl.
7 weeks to go!!!!
Our daughter is the size of a honey dew mellon
til l turn 37wks which her size will increase to the
size of a watermellon so only one more fruit size to go!!!!
so exiting!!!!

P.S. I asked hubby tonight if us having 7 wks til our daughter
is here is close and he said yes. He has not said yes til now.

-May 23rd 34wk update 42 days to go!
May 24th 34wks 1day (10 year wedding anniversary) 41days to go!
May 25th 34wks 2days (40days til due date!!!)
May 30th 35wks 35 days to go!
*June 4th 35wks 5days (30 days to go!) 1 month til due date*
June 6th 36wks (28days to go!)
June 13th 37wks (21days to go!)
June 14th 37wks1day (20 days to go!)
June 20 38wks (14 days to go!)
June 24 38wks 4days (10 days to go!)
June 27 39wks (1 wk to go! )
July 4 40wks (due date!)
*July 7 40wks 3 days (when we would love her bday to be)
cause this is our 11 years together total.....*

As Long As She is Healthy & Alert that is what matters the most!

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