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May 16th, 2012, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by krissy1989 View Post
Thank you for all the warm welcomes! I'm glad that this board doesn't seem to be 'dead.' It's always disappointing to try to find help/support for something and get next to no replies, lol. In any case...

I'm definitely interested in a curriculum with textbooks, only because I'll enjoy having the structured guidelines (I don't really trust myself to make up the best education for them). However, I want to allow the boys to guide me, as well, going at their own speeds, and I'll be doing activities, field trips, etc, that are outside the curriculum. I'm also planning on teaching them some basics in a second language, which will either be on the side, or part of the curriculum if that's available. I took German in high school and still have all my text books and workbooks, so that will be fun! I'll be so excited to teach them something which means a lot to me. It's something that I can start now while they're so young with their sponge-like brains. I'm not too concerned with finances since we still have a couple years to save up, and we already have a nice little chunk started. So, I'll definitely be buying through an organization that will send me the books.
Sorry I didn't get back to you immediately. It's been crazy around here.

For a boxed, purchased curriculum, I really like the preschool stuff from Abeka and/or Horizons. It's pretty expensive, but I like it. Here are some free options as well:

Learning Page :: Professionally produced lesson plans, books, worksheets, and much more!
Lesson Pathways: Building Paths for Online Learning
Homeschool for Free - LiveBinder (click PreK/Kinder at the top right, and then tab over the resources that pop up below)
Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics (there is a paid version of this that includes math, shapes, etc., but the reading part is free)

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