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May 16th, 2012, 10:36 PM
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On October 18, 2010 I was exactly 39 weeks pregnant and scheduled for an induction due to Pre-E
My ex husband and I arived at the hospital around 12:30 PM and I was hooked up to a fetal moniter.
My cervix was not at all ready for labor. It was hard, long, and closed tite. So my OB told me to expect to spend a day in the hospital being induced and that I would likely deliver on October 19.
As the nurse was checking me in, I had a BH contraction and my daughter's heartbeat dropped to 80 BPM for a full three minutes. I really didn't comprihend what was going on and the next thing I knew a bunch of nurses were their sticking an oxygen mask over my face.
Her heartbeat then returned to normal, and remained normal. but my doctor said no pitison and that it would have to be a c-section.
I was scared on the opperating table, but the spinal was painless. Didn't fel a thing. The only negative side effect was feeling as though someone were sitting on my chest.
Ayla was born weighing 5 pounds, 14 OZ 19 inches long. and was 5 pounds 7 OZ when I took her home on October 22, 2010.
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