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May 17th, 2012, 09:17 PM
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Monday was sort of a normal day for Ben (getting back into the swing of things). Didn't do a whole lot. It was an "aahhhhhhhhhhhhh... DONE" day for me, because I've had a rough few weeks. Tuesday, I messed up my back first thing in the morning. Couldn't talk, walk, sit, or anything. Just cried! I took only 1/2 of a muscle relaxer that would ordinarily knock me out. It made me loopy and tired. I spent all day on the couch, and thankfully, the kids were well behaved. Wed, more couch time. I was feeling ok in the afternoon, so we all got ready for church that night. Ben was in the car, and Daniel & I were walking out the door when Daniel got sick. Today, his temp was 102 when he woke up, so we went to the doc (ear infection), got his Rx, got groceries (while waiting for the Rx), and came home for a nap. Tomorrow? House cleaning!!! We're going to be busy helping dh's parents on Saturday, have a meeting after church on Sunday, and then hopefully we'll be able to finish up school next week. If not... oh well!

I'm glad it's the end of the year for us. I'm starting to think we should just quit and try again in August.
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