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May 18th, 2012, 10:27 AM
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Tip: let teh baby cry. A fed baby that has all it's needs met can cry for the time it take you to 1. Pee/potty 2. grab a bite. However when a baby wakes up or has played/swun/been happy for a while you need to meet their needs as immediately as possible. Know now that you are going to have to let the baby cry longer than you want if your toddler needs food/bath/is in danger.

Two is not bad at all. The baby stay where you put it and under two year old can be contained easily.

Do not plan on cooking at dinner time. Make ahead meals like a crock pot/casserol/ or toss in the oven things are going to save your life. Babies and toddlers are crazy at dinner time. helps you get things done in 15 min increments this will help because you will have small 15 minutes to get things done all day you just have to nuse them wisely.

I have Scarlett 3.5 Beau 20 months and Tessa 6 months.

If you brreastfeed, the more you feed at night the less she'll eat during the day.

So people try to get their kids asleep at the same time. i prefered staggered naps so I had time with my toddler twice during the day and I could shower in the small overlap in the after naps.

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