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August 23rd, 2006, 01:51 AM
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See, I'm no help really, I've had both ways, brown bad, and brown nothing. This pregnancy, I spotted up until 14 weeks, mostly brown, sometimes pink, a few times red. After being poked at more then I will ever care to remember, the decided I just have a sensitive cervix. I don't know how much was behind that, if they really knew, or just really wanted to give me some kind of answer. I don't know. With my m/c, I spotted brown and they said I was fine. A week latter, they realized my little angel wasn't growing anymore.

The cramps though, feeling like AF, I had that with both, and was told it's just the uterus stretching. My cramps from my m/c were like waves of fire and hurt really really bad. I don't know how "normal" any of my situation is, but thought I'd share it anyway.
This is such a stressful time, I wish I had words to make it easier, but I don't.
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