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May 20th, 2012, 04:57 AM
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Ive mentioned on a few boards here that my family grow most of our own fruits and veggies. We live in a semi-rural area and live on an acreage, so its pretty easy for us. We have a hydroponic house, as well as our garden veggies. We have been doing the grow our own thing for about 12 years.

Because we have been doing this for so long, our garden is quite 'mature' it produces a LOT of fruit and veggies, we freeze those we cannot consume immediately, so we have quite a large stockpile in large freezer boxes in our garage and we share a lot of a our produce amongst friends and family. Its just our thing that we do to save money and eat healthy.

Anyway, I was on facebook yesterday and a mother whose daughter goes to kinder with Sasha made a status about how she does not have enough money for food this week and she dosent know what she is going to do, I sent her a private message saying that our garden is over producing at the moment, and if she wants to pop by this weekend, we will have a large box of fresh fruits and veggies for her. I didnt get a reply, so I left it as is.

Went onto facebook this morning, and saw another status update by her, "amazed by how unrealistic some people are, can anyone live on just fruits and vegetables for a week? I dont think so"

Wow. Just wow. I am so sorry for offering food to someone for free, I never said it was everything they needed for a week, it was simply the only thing I could offer up, because were not exactly swimming in cash either, come on, a librarian and a florist dont exactly rake in the big dollars and we have six children to support, five of our own and one other who lives with us.

What really gets me is that this is the second time this has happened. A few years ago a different person was having difficulty with food, and after I offered, pointed out that they dont want vegetables, they are after bread, cakes, chicken nuggets, and so on, and scoffed at me for offering them food.

Well, you know what, if I had a chicken nugget factory in my garden, then I would offer you free chicken nuggets, but I dont, so I cant do that.

Also, how desperate are you for food, really, if you are turning your nose up at an odd $100 worth of fresh produce for free?
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