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May 22nd, 2012, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by cfm View Post
Yay, Christen! you got us to our goal i hope your reward is a BABY!!

Good morning. I was up until 3, tossing, turning, talking with dh. Bah. It will be a long day today. We have an orientation at Oscar's kindergarten today, he will get taken into his class with the other kids while we get all the info. It's a big deal for us! Especially because we have some worries about sending him to an all French school. Today will either put our minds at ease or send us to register at the English/French immersion school. Dh is even coming to the 8:45 meeting The only time he is usually seen that early in the morning is when he's coming home from work especially late.

And it's Friday, hurray! Canadian Moms, any long weekend plans? American Moms, what up, yo?
haha nope, no baby yet. She is really quite stubborn. She likes her house just the way it is. That or she's got some sort of demand I do something or something happens that hasn't been done or happened we wait.

I'm a little nervous about Rock's Kindergarten stuff for next year so I can related to that.

Originally Posted by kimmiejo View Post
Happy Sunday! last day Sam is one, I am making the most of it haha....Elmo cake turned out ok, not perfect but good enough lol
I have to say everybody's cake making that people are always doing just always makes me go "Wow, why do I have no interest in that?" I get mine made at the store

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