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May 22nd, 2012, 12:36 PM
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Haha, I don't know how often I tell Tanja she can't do whatever in just undies outside...
Last were "No, you just can't go upstairs to the landlords at 7am in just your hello kitty undies, thats just the way it is."

Some others...

"Yeah, I know your tummy hurts a a little but once you go and poop, it will be better and there is no need telling me everytime you fart" (she was gassy and had to use the toilet on the way to daycare lol)

"Of course I won't forget you at home, how could I even do that" (she was asking me to please remember to take her with me to the store..random)

"You just don't cut your own hair or the cats hair...ever"

"Smell your fingers, they smell like butt so don't even try telling me you washed them"

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