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May 22nd, 2012, 04:55 PM
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I dont know how any of that works in the US, all I know is that here any medical courses you have to prepare a year or 2 earlier, Dita's partner is tossing up between paediatric surgery or paediatric oncology, so she has to sit a few extra exams on top of her high school exams.

She's in her last year of high school now, she has her official UMAT test coming up in 2 months, she has to get a certain score to be accepted into any medical related university course. She has also done a few practice GAMSATs, which she will take after completing a bachelors degree.

Dita wants to be a chocolatier, and to up her appearance to the culinary academy she's applying to she has completed a Unit 2 and Unit 3 in hospitality, which are TAFE certificates that I believe are equivalent to community college, however it is something her high school offers that you can do in place of other subjects in years 10 and 11, plus if she ever changes her mind, at least she has some qualifications there.

I dont know really what im saying, but if this is something she is really passionate about, and isnt likely to flip-flop around with what she wants to do, and it isnt going to put pressure on her that will result in her schooling taking a hit, then I see no harm in it.

(the reason why I say flip-flopping is that Dita and Violet both started these pre-prep things at 15, the age Azriel is now, and theres no way he could make that kind of commitment to future study, because what he wants to do in the future changes on a monthly basis)
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