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May 23rd, 2012, 12:53 PM
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We don't have Memorial Day in Canada - the May long weekend is officially Victoria Day, but (at least where I'm from) most people call it May 2-4 instead, typically because it's the first weekend nice enough for people to go camping or to cottages for the weekend, and that often involves a lot of beer. Dh tells me he's never heard it before, but in SW Ontario, the term "2-4" or "two-four" is a nickname for a 24 bottle case of beer. Also, the weekend usually falls close to the 24th of May. Hence, May 2-4 weekend.

SW Ontario lesson aside, we probably aren't doing much this weekend. I'm seriously bummed that the closest fireworks are 2 hours away from us, and the next best thing is a laser lights show that would cost is over $55.00 to go to between tickets and parking. Seriously, what does GA have against fireworks?

That and dh has work this weekend, so we may not have much of a long weekend at all. If we're able to, we'd like to go get a cherry tomato plant. My dill did not survive our week away + the impromptu delayed watering system I crafted the morning we left. I'm happy that everything else did, but the dill just never came back, and now I need something to replace it. Other than that, we'll probably just hang out, do some grilling (we have a rack of ribs in the freezer ) and get some needed rest.

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