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May 23rd, 2012, 01:34 PM
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Hey, all! It has been an eternity since I've checked in here. It's great to see some new faces and some old friends. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Sara, SAHM to Cassidy (4.5), Joel (3 next month), and Timothy (9 weeks). Cassidy and I tackled Kindergarten this year with enthusiasm, and are now just about wrapping up.

For an update: we are in our last weeks of K, and I have ordered and received pretty much all of her 1st Grade curriculum Agh! 1st Grade seems impossible and perhaps a little daunting. For those of you unfamiliar with my precocious Cassidy, she's four going on thirty, and has breezed through Kindergarten with an ease which makes me think we could have just as well done 1st last year. But I didn't want her to be too far ahead, I guess. Not that it matters.

We used Christian Liberty Press for Phonics and Math, and though she's reading proficiently and adding/subtracting well, it was a lot of material for a four-year-old. I admit it. I modified it to suit us I guess that's the mark of a true homeschooler, right? She's reading approximately at a 1st-2nd Grade level, so the program worked was just a lot to chew. I'm happy with it, though. We're mostly working in Explode the Code now, and she loves those. I love to hear her giggle at the silly questions.

Handwriting Without Tears has been a Godsend! We were gifted the first 4 years or the program by my aunt, and we've loved it. Short little handwriting exercises, fun, and extremely effective. Her handwriting is amazing.

In other news, my nearly-three-year-old is gaining fine motor skills at a rapid rate and will be ready to start preschool in the fall! He is a big fan of sitting on my lap watching Cassie and I do school. I suspect he is already far more advanced than I think he is, but he doesn't want us to know it He's hiding it. But I do know he can say his alphabet and count to twenty, no problem...just not when he thinks I'm listening.

Our second son has finally arrived! Timothy Neal was born March 20th, and threw a monkey wrench into the middle of our school year, lol. He's an amazing baby and I'm so happy he's here...but life with 3 is waaaayyy more hectic than life with two. Not sure why. Maybe because I don't have three hands.

And so, if you've made it this far, I actually have a question.
Do any of you know of any good iPad apps for homeschoolers? My amazing husband gave me an iPad around the time Timothy was born, and I absolutely love it! I'm looking for something like a teacher's planner, and have tried a few, but they're really all geared towards public school teachers, and I haven't been satisfied. Wondering if any of you have found anything organizational like that which you've been able to adapt to homeschooling. Then again, maybe I'm just too picky

Please feel free to give me an update on where and what you're doing in school this year, and what your summer plans are! I've missed you all!
Hi, I'm Sara. I used to post here a lot when I was having the kids, but life got busy and it's been years since I was around. Now I'm back, and happy to be here.

Married to my best friend for a decade.
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