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May 24th, 2012, 08:44 AM
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My due date wasn't until the 16th, and my ob really thought I'd go over, so I was kinda sad. Thursday the 10th I had a massage. It was wonderful, and I secretly hoped it would jump start labor. That night Ryan and I had dinner at a restaurant, and of course I had spicy chicken. I didn't feel any different that I had been. We went to bed around 10 that night. At 2:30 Friday morning I woke up to pee. After I finished my business, I was pulling up my pj shorts and felt a gush. All over the bathroom floor. I went back to our bed and woke him up. He of course panicks haha, running around, grabbing our bags, and Rylynn's carseat. We left the house and I made him stop at the 24 hr gas station down the road because I was really wanting an iced tea.

We got to the hospital around 3 am, they confirmed I was in labor. It hurt so bad, I couldn't take it, so at 5 am I got an epidural.

At 9 my parents and brother came. And we waited.

My parents and brother left to go get some lunch a little after noon. I tried to get Ryan to go with them, but he refused to leave my room, other than to get me ice. He was an amazing support for me.

Rylynn's heartrate kept dropping, and the nurses kept making me change positions to see which was the best. When her heartrate dropped to 59 I was taken back to the OR for an emergency C section. But her heartrate picked back up, and after they determined everything seemed ok, I was taken back to my room to continue laboring. When they checked me at that time I was a 5. They checked again around 5pm and I, was still a 5. At 7pm my 2nd epidural bag was empty but I was dilated to a 9, so they figured it would last long enough to get Miss Rylynn out. Ha. I started pushing at 8pm and by 9pm all pain block seemed to have left my body. Rylynn was born at 9:58 pm, all natural She weighed 6lb, 15.5 oz, and is amazing and perfect. I can't imagine life with out her.

Ryan later informed me I yelled at everyone at one point to "shut the **** up", but I guess if I only dropped the F bomb once, I did pretty good, considering I felt everything!!

When I delivered the placenta there were 2 of them. Two lobes, connected by a small piece, and the umbilical cord was thinly attached to the edge of one. That's why they think her heartrate was dropping. They sent my placenta to pathology, so I'm anxiously awaiting the results of why it was that way.
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