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May 24th, 2012, 04:21 PM
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On May 5th I was having some contractions, but they felt the same as before, part of me wanted to text DH at work but I decided to just sleep when I could and see what happened the next day

Woke up the morning of the 6th, hadn't had much for sleep, was awake when DH came home from work at 6am. we slept awhile and got up and did some house work, went shopping for a birthday present for DD1's friend and dropped her at the party, I was contracting fairly regularly and decided after dropping her i wanted to go home and lay down, I didn't know when to go in or when to stay home, DH left to take his friend to buy mice for his snakes :grrr: but promised his phone was on and to call him if i needed him, i hauled DDs 2 and 3 upstairs to watch tv in my room while i laid down, i felt awful, DD3 was covered in marker, head to toe, and i decided to give her a bath, thinking it might help me too, I got in the tub and as i sat down the contraction hit and I threw up from it, it was the most intense one i had ever had in all 4 kids that wasn't pitocin induced, I called for dd2, and asked her to call my sister and put it on speaker phone, with directions she did my sister answered the phone and i said "Tammy, get in the van and come NOW" and she said "WHAT?" I said "GET IN THE VAN AND COME NOW" she said "I'm in the van, we are on the way!" I told dd2 to call Daddy he said "Hello?" I said "HOME NOW" he said "On my way!" He dropped his friends at the mall and came home

DH and my sister arrived at the same time, she took the 2 girls and went to get DD1, he took me, we got to the hospital about 4:30, was put in a room and put on the monitors, the nurse checked me and told me i was "Long thick and 2" but said the dr would come see me when she was done in the OR

I was discouraged and was sure i was going home despite a strip that looked like

The dr came in awhile later and said i was a full 2-2.5 and she wanted to monitor me a few hours longer, and she was cutting off my food and liquid and said she wanted me to get up and walk around

Dh and I walked the halls until he had to leave, I can't remember what he left for, I told him to be back by 7:45 he got back about 8, we were just waiting, the dr came back about 9:30 or so, and checked me and I was a full 3-3.5 and she was like "Your not gonna make it until morning so within an hour or 2 you'll have a baby!" I called my mom who lives an hour out of town, and who was supposed to be in the OR to get on the road! thinking we had time

a few minutes later the nurse came in to put in an IV, told me she had a "One try policy" if she didn't get it on the first try, she would get someone else to try, she got it, and at the same time the lady came in to take my blood for the c section, she left and came back 2 minutes later, and said "Did you get your prenatal blood work done?" "Umm yes?" "Well they can't find it, so i need to do it again, I'll have to poke you again..." "If you have to go ahead" Cause you know I wanted to feel like a human pin cushion she finished up and left

At 9:40 the anesthesiologist came and told me my section was set for 10 (I found out i was having one at 9:30, and told an hour or two!) he said they would have seizure meds in the or and if i had a seizure he would give me them and they would stop the surgery until i was finished

my mom is still on the road at this point, they have my sister dress for the surgery (DH would have gone in, but i wanted someone to stay with the baby)

My surgery got delayed because the dr was needed to do a delivery and the anesthesiologist got called away to do something so we had hope for mom to get there, but when they took me into the or she wasn't there yet

I panicked

I started shaking and crying and the anesthesiologist told me i had to stop moving or he may paralyze me....cause you know...that helped? the nurse was trying to calm me and asked me what i was thinking and all i said was "I wish my mom had made it on time!!" she whispered to me "I will do whatever i need to do to ensure your mom gets here before we start"

They laid me down on the table and i'm just staring in to space, the nurse is taping me up and washing me, the dr walks in and says "I don't like the tape" and rips it off and walks out, the nurse winked at me, she knew the dr didn't like using tape!! so she had to get more of the wash and rewash me, by the time she was done my mom was there! they started about 10 minutes later

at 10:56 Deeandra Nisha Deena was born via emergency c section weighing 6lbs 8 oz and being 18 inches long, and my mom told me she was a girl! We were team green and didn't know, they took the baby off and came back and said "Her husband isn't here we need someone with the baby" so i was left alone in the or

so here i am laying on the table listening to the dr and the anesthesiologist are talking away, about building HOUSES, while the nurses count surgical tools, I thought i would lose my marbles in there, the dr finished up and left and the nurses set me up to go to recovery, the nurse told me they were going to roll me to the side, and assured me they hadn't dropped anyone that day... told her i was glad i was seeing them today then!

In recovery i was shaking ridiculously bad and the nurse was holding my arm down to get a BP reading, I was finally moved into a room, and my mom and sister left, DH stayed for awhile but couldn't spend the night, he left about 1:45 am

My dr came in about 8am and said "You couldn't wait 1 day?!" She was on holidays until that morning, so I had the on call dr for my c section

recovery went decent and i was discharged on Wednesday afternoon

Recovery is slow but its getting better and I'd say i'm at about 60% now

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