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May 24th, 2012, 05:27 PM
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We've started. She actually went to the potty on her own for the first time today! Yay! Her Manny (male nanny, he loves the darn word), called me and told me. Apparently they were coloring on the floor and she looks up and goes "Bo (her nickname for him), potty!" and he goes "You went potty?" and she goes "No, gotta potty!" and runs to the bathroom, he gets on the potty and ta-da!

I just started sitting on her little potty or on her potty seat, when I'd go, or after she went sometimes. I'd say things like "Jude you're becoming a big girl! Big girls go potty in here!", and make using a toliet seem like a trip to Disney Wold. Things like "Look, this is how mommy pottys, do you wanna potty like mommy does?", and then when she uses it she gets rewarded. Lots of praise, and because today she told a grown up before she had to go, she gets to go get some big-girl underwear! And she can pick whatever she wants!

I've had one those training potties since before she was born. So it was always around, I wanted it to be something normal and familiar to her. Not some weird new thing.
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