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May 25th, 2012, 02:27 PM
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Have a boy or a girl for your next (could be your first) child ?--Boy Eat salty things or sweet things? --hmmm...sweet? Have a faithful husband or a fun husband?--Can't it be both? I suppose faithful..sigh Trick or treat in an alligator costume or in an elvis costume?--Alligator Have a hideous picture of you posted on the internet or a bunch of bad comments?--The picture, almost everyone has one and that's a lot different than internet hate mail. Treat your kids to ice cream because they did a good job on something or just because?--Just because; I'd rather reward them with non-food items. Slam your fingers in the door or have a 40 pound weight drop on your toes?--Slamming fingers, it is really not fun to have broken toes Find out the sex of your baby before you go into labor or afterwards?--Before Eat ice cream or candy?--Ice Cream! okay, apparently, I am a kid myself... Never listen to music or always have a song stuck in your head?--Always have a song, a good song. Learn something new by listening or watching?--Listening Be poor and happy or be rich and sad?--Poor and happy, but if we can combine these items, I'll take rich and happy please. Have hairy legs all the time or hairy armpits?--umm...legs? Watch a movie or read a book?--Read a book Your husband cheat on you with a female or a male?--female Eat nothing but pasta or nothing but chicken?---Pasta Get tickled for hours or be ignored for days?--Tickled
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