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May 25th, 2012, 09:48 PM
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Akadia fell off our back stairs tonight onto our concrete patio. She's ok, but I am a disaster. DH was supposed to be watching her but he ran inside to get something and she was standing on the stairs waiting for him. I guess she lost her balance or tripped because all I heard was tumbling and when I looked she was gone. I was across the yard cleaning the pool. Have never run that fast in my life. She was laying on her back on the side of the stairs and I was sure she was dead or had hit her head really hard. Miraculously, all she did was bang up the top of her ear a little. Not a scratch or bump anywhere and she was happy in like 5 minutes. 4 hours later and I'm still crying. I just keep thinking what could have happened. It could have been so bad. These stairs are 5 high and have no guard rail. DH knows I don't let her go up and down them without holding her hand. She's asleep now and I'm just sitting here listening to her breath and keeping an eye on her. This is not so fun part of being a mom. The constant worry. If anything ever happened to her, I think I would lose it.

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