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May 26th, 2012, 08:54 PM
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My name is Krissandra, mom to Lucas (born 11/3/11) and Caleb (4/30/10). I am completely new to allergies, as my older son has never had any, and neither has my husband (except spring allergies) nor myself.

I am currently tandem nursing my two boys, and my youngest Lucas has had horrible eczema since he was just a few weeks old. He's also always been a very fussy baby, very gassy, waking often through the night, and has always scratched himself all over after developing random rashes. I thought it was just eczema, until I learned that eczema can be food allergy related.

Well, about two weeks ago, Lucas broke out in hives just minutes after milk from my cereal bowl splashed onto his walker tray when my toddler bumped into me. The most he could have done was rub his hands in it before I got it all wiped up. After I wiped it up, I noticed his eyes were red and puffy, and a rash had spread all the way down his cheeks. Then he started itching himself relentlessly, so I took him outside and saw in the daylight that he had big welts popping up all over his jaw and neck.

After growing up with a younger sibling who has ideopathic anaphylaxis, I was panicking because I didn't know if he was about to swell up and stop breathing - and the nearest hospital is 20 minutes away. Thankfully, his breathing seemed fine. Well, after a crazy ordeal of rushing to get Benedryl and flying to his pediatrician's office, his doctor tried to talk the situation down and brush the hives off as "not serious," and that kids "get them all the time," which I thought was absolutely ridiculous since the next allergic episode could be worse. After insisting that I find out what it was that caused them, we got referred to an allergist, whom we just saw day before yesterday.

A back scratch test was performed, and minutes after, big hives started popping up on his little tiny back. The allergist came in and looked surprised to see so many. The verdict? He's a 4+ to milk, eggs, and peanuts (as well as cats, but that's not food), a 3+ to wheat, and a 2+ to tomatoes. (He's also a 2+ to dogs and tree pollen, and a 1+ to dust mites. Sheesh.) Guess what most of my diet has always consisted of? Yeah, pretty much ALL of those foods. No wonder this poor kid has been so miserable! We go back in another few weeks for a blood test to get his RAST scores to see how severe his peanut allergy is, and to test for a few other things.

So, I am now equipped with an EpiPen Jr. and I've been on an elimination diet for two days now. I can already tell it's going to be a BIG challenge! But I will do anything for my baby in order to continue breastfeeding. The only thing that scares me is that I keep wondering, what ELSE could he be allergic to? They only tested for the big ones, and he was allergic to pretty much all of them. *sigh* Only time will tell. Hopefully he outgrows most of these!

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