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May 28th, 2012, 08:34 AM
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the past two nights DH has let the kids talk to their mom right before bed..
Big Mistake!
they cry and cry as soon as they get on the phone saying they wanna go home, when all day they've been fine and having fun, then they cry and get upset and won't go to bed because they want to go home.
I think it really hurt DH's feelings to hear that after he hadn't seen them for 10 months.
I sat them both down and tried to explain that them saying they don't wanna be here hurts daddys feelings, but I'm not sure they got it.. I know they're just homesick but DH finally agreed with me that calling her before bed is not a good idea and he told her that she can call them when she wants, once a day during the day so they don't get upset anymore.

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