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May 29th, 2012, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by MeggysMommy View Post
Lots and lots of easy labor vibes for you tomorrow Christen! And I just got a chance to read your reply about your induction and I totally understand where you are coming from and can completely sympathize with you. I had my c/section 3wks and a day early with Megan and I know I was so miserable by that point that I know my next pregnancy I will probably be begging for induction way before 40wks.
Did you have it for medical reasons that early? Cuz they've changed the rules in the last few years almost everywhere in the U.S. and now you can't c-section or induce before 39 weeks without a medical reason. It seemed pretty common place for planned c-sections to be at 38 weeks for a long while...guess not anymore.

Originally Posted by rlh27 View Post
Sending easy labor vibes, Christen! I'm so glad this day has finally come for you and your family! Can't wait to see pictures of Miss Terra!

*will be stalking the June DDC all day *
I think facebook has changed the way they do photos so much I can't share with you guys unless you are my facebook friend, so I won't be doing photos here at JM until I'm home, but I should be home tomorrow. I'm not sure that means they'll be up by tomorrow, but certainly no later than Friday (possibly I'll get ambitious and get them up tonight even.)

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