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May 29th, 2012, 08:49 PM
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As a first time mom I was trying to look up birthing videos to see if that would help or make me feel better and well, no. It doesn't help at all! I think it makes me more nervous then anything else. I don't feel there is much I can really learn by watching someone else push a baby out - truly I think it is an experience you have to have for yourself.

Plus it really does range, some women act as if they are being killed - others seem to have it rather easy and all variations inbetween. Sometimes I just think to myself 'I hope I have a c-section so I won't have to do all that pushing and stuff' because right now it seems like an almost impossible task to do.

Maybe it will be different the closer I get, maybe it's something you never get used to or enjoy. I don't know, I have heard some women rave about giving birth and others talk about it pretty grimly. Again, I guess it's a different experience for everybody.

I guess what bothers me most right now is, this is my first child and I plan on having at least one more (at the most 4 children) and well, I am not sure as of right now I want to experience this again. Pregnancy has had it's ups and downs, mostly alot of anxiety and fear. I hope I won't have as much issues with my second baby.

I guess at least next time I will know more of what to expect and anticipate how labor is. But man right now does that stress me out!

So have you ladies had a similar experience when you were having your first child?

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