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May 30th, 2012, 07:49 AM
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It's like you looked inside my brain and wrote exactly how I feel. Haha. You put it in the perfect words! I'm the same way! I'm so nervous about labor. Even when I think about it long enough I either get sick to my stomach or cry. I know I'm such a wuss right? Haha.

I have seen all sorts of labor videos and 1 live birth. Women are all different. The live birth was my sister with my nephew and she was a champ. She did get an epidural though but still she was so calm and when she started pushing not even a sound. She just seemed to block everyone else out and focus. Then once he was born BAM her mommy instincts kicked in! Her first words were "Is he too small? Why is he so small?" (He was a perfect 7 pounds but her husband is like 285 pounds and 6"6 so she was expecting much bigger! Haha) and she just kept saying I know your cold let me hold you and stuff. It was so sweet. My point being is when you hear once that baby is born everyone says you forget the pain from what I saw you really do. She just seemed so in love.

Educate yourself as much as you can and go in with an open mind. I don't have a birth plan except for I do want an epidural and I want let to do anything to keep baby and I safe. That's it.

Some things that help me is:
1) If labor was the most horrendous thing ever people wouldn't have more than 1.
2) Women have been doing this forever... Most with no pain relief.
3) Women in like Africa are forced to give birth on like dirt floors and continue working. (So grateful I live where I do and really wish I could help them!)
4) I have never heard a woman say something like "It wasn't worth it".
5) People say the pain is different than you think. Since its for a "prize" at the end your mind set is a little different then just breaking your leg. Haha

Good luck to both of us! Cause no matter what were stuck now and have no way out. haha

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