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May 30th, 2012, 09:30 AM
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Dear mlmp930,
I understand your frustration with this. My granddaughter was diagnosed at 4 months old. Has your daughter had an MRI to see if there are any other problems that may be causing these delays? Sometimes there are other issues that cause developmental problems. My granddaughter does not crawl or walk on her own yet, however with her therapists she has made great progress the past few months. She can pull herself up, but does not have balance yet. She says a few words, but mostly she just jibber jabbers. She has a stubborn streak and mostly says words when she wants to, not on demand. Anmariah had trouble sleeping as well and I spoke with her pediatrican about giving her Melatonin drops. He said that it was a wonderful thing to do, he gives it to his children and even takes it himself. It is all natural and it will help her get into a sleep pattern. It takes a little time, but it does work. Anmariah used to sleep only 3 hours at a time, now she sleeps 6-7 hours at night and takes one to two 3 hour naps a day. As for the sitting, you just have to keep working with her. She has to build up her core muscles, and neck muscles. We still have problems at times with Anmariah holding her head up. She wants to hold it down. This causes the muscles in her neck and shoulders to be tense and we have to massage them and put warm compresses on them. I don't have trouble with childcare because I stay at home with her. We are fortunate that there is a Deaf and Blind school in our area that helps us with all her therapies and gives us help with her needs. She will go there when she is 3 or 4 and they can start teaching her more things. You could check into that, ask your pediatrician or if she has an eye specialist they migh be able to refer you.
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