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May 30th, 2012, 12:07 PM
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Labor is the only pain you can prepare for. Hence why it freaks women out so much. is totally true that you basically "forget" most of the bad stuff. You get the best prize in the world. Yes, pushing is hard work. And sometimes it feels like you really can't do it when you are right there. But the good news is that your baby will come out anyway (yes, even if you don't push, your body will take over) and you will be so in love that it will seem worth it.

All of Kayla's points are true....women wouldn't have two or three or four babies if it was so unbearable they couldn't do it again. I wouldn't count on a c-section being easier. The recovery from them is way more difficult. A friend explained it like: you can do labor and be in pain right then for a short amount of time...or you can do a c-section and have the pain spread out and lengthened. And it makes sense. With a vaginal birth there are some after pains, but not nearly what I hear it is like for a c-section.

And I think most women are somewhat afraid, nervous, or anxious about birth. There are lots of unknowns and it actually doesn't change even with a second, third, or subsequent child. The unknowns are just as great. I was actually more nervous for my second than for my first (not to scare you...but I also was not very nervous at all with my first). And I'll be nervous when I am going for number three too!
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