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May 30th, 2012, 10:10 PM
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i had pre-term labor with both my kids.. but my first started at 23 weeks, second started at 34 weeks.. first baby born at 34 weeks, second just made it to 37 weeks but i had to get steroid shots at 35 weeks because we didnt think he'd make it much further

but i just know water breaking early is a big cause for concern of infections.. there was a girl here at JM who im not sure still comes to JM, but she's pretty well known... she started preterm labor with her son very early as well.. i dont believe her water broke, but the baby + sac was descending into the birth canal, and she had developed some serious infections

i hope your sister doesnt run into those problems.. that's very scary!!

for me, i just took procardia and it helped for me.. but with my second we had to go the extra step and get the steroids for his lungs, but i stayed on procardia til 36 weeks.. i was actually in active labor for a total of 4 days before he finally came out.. so had he been born the first day he would have been at 36 weeks.. so he just made it to 37 when he came!
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