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May 31st, 2012, 03:24 PM
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Hello, I'm new here and due in August
I've been posting over on their boards and they've been so wonderful!

I'm wondering if anyone else here is on Buspar or has taken it in previous pregnancies and how it effected the baby?

This is my 3rd pregnancy, but my first time taking any medications of any kind. My anxiety/panic crept up about 6 weeks ago now, and I literally barely leave the house (agoraphobic), so the docs had me do some research on how panic/stress/anxiety effect the baby and gave me a few weeks to try my own methods (relaxation, nutiriton, yoga, etc...) and then really urged me to give Buspar a try. I do feel better, although I'm not back to my normal self by any means.

Thanks for any replies
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