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May 31st, 2012, 07:36 PM
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sorry, this is a duplicate post... I originally posted in due date club instead of here, but I thought maybe more people would see it here...

I'm a fan of hot baths. Since I've been pregnant (I'm only 5 weeks) I've been avoiding hot and sticking to "warm." Tonight I felt like utter crap and was freezing, so I made the water a little hotter than it probably should have been... As soon as I got the "too warm" feeling and felt a little flushed, I turned on cold water to cool off, and got out within the next 2 minutes...

Now, I'm reading online that hot baths can cause miscarriage an neural tube defect...

And of course I'm crampy, I feel like crap, and now I'm terrified I'm gonna make myself lose this baby bean...

Did I really screw up with 1 hot bath?!
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