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June 2nd, 2012, 04:52 PM
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YAY, so very proud of them. I finally got all of the end of the year results in, all three of them did really great.

The girls both took the a Scantron test(it's done online), and the scale for both tops out at 3700. They stop testing, well measuring, at the 10th grade level on the charts. A 3700 would put them at the end of 12th grade though.
These were their results..

Alexis-she's 13 and was in 7th grade, now moving to 8th grade(technically speaking, lol)

Alyssia-she's 11 and in 5th grade, moving to 6th(technically)

I say technically because their curriculum next year will be heavily modified and advanced in most courses

Leo did his end of the year testing as well. His doesn't come with a score like theirs did. His results are based on grade level. He is 8, was in 2nd grade and going into 3rd(his curriculum will also be modified, especially Math)
Math he is at 6.25
Reading he is at 4.25 (when first pulled out of school in 2010, he could not read, was in 1st grade and measuring at a K level, barely)

I'm so proud of them, of course they already know this, but, still, can't help but beam. They worked really hard this year(just like last, lol) and even though we got done way early and I had to supplement a TON, everything worked out perfectly. They're just not cut out for the schools here, clearly. There is no way any of them would be where they are, had I left them in the schools here. Not that all public schools suck, or something, there really are great ones out there. There just aren't any anywhere near us.
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