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June 2nd, 2012, 06:28 PM
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I have noticed lately Archer's head is flat on one side. It dawned on me it's from sleeping at night. He sleeps in a rock and play sleeper next to my bed. And although he is on his back he doesn't sleep with his head back flat but to the side. That's the side that's flat. That's also the side I mostly have him laying on when I'm holding him to comfort or feed. So now I am making an effort to try to position his head straight back or the opposite direction. I also hold and feed him on the other side as well now too. I hope this is enough to help correct it. I don't want him to have to eventually wear a helmet. He is the type of baby that doesn't like constricting things. The cpap machine in the nicu had to be removed because he kept tearing it off. He hates being strapped in anything. His carseat/carrier or bouncy chair. So he would be miserable in a helmet. I only bring up the helmet because I saw it when I googled the issue. He doesn't do a lot of tummy time on the floor yet but he does it several times a day on my chest. So it's not like he is constantly putting pressure on his head. but I guess sleeping does it enough.

Anyone else ever deal with this? What did you do to correct it?

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