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June 2nd, 2012, 08:58 PM
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I've cut out all his allergens - I didn't know that egg and wheat proteins were too large! One Googling experience and I was sure those proteins passed through. I'm sure LLL would know more than whatever sources I read. But that's all right - I've gotten into a good routine of avoiding everything, so I won't turn back now. Dairy has been hard because of cheese, but otherwise soy milk has been a calcium saver.

From this other forum I joined (Kids With Food Allergies), a lot of those moms told me that the back scratch test can give false positives. After a little experiment with tomatoes (that was one allergen I was pretty sure was a false positive), I'm sure he's not allergic to them. No hives, no crying, no rash, etc. So, one down! For the Top 8 allergens, I'll wait to do in-office food challenges to rule out any more false positives. I don't want him cutting out food that he doesn't need to cut out!

On a plus side, I've already lost six pounds.

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