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June 3rd, 2012, 08:11 AM
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Will you be taking your LO to water(lake, ocean,.....)? Yes, we have actually already been once this summer (Myrtle Beach). He liked eating sand! Lol. And we live 25 minutes from a major beach, so we will go a lot.

What about taking them to a swimming pool? Yes, we have done that already this year too. He liked it like he likes his bath. He can't quite figure out why he can't get down and move around independently in the pool. But he liked splashing.

If you already have does your LO like the water? Yep, loves it. He takes a while to get used to the temperature, since it is still so cold. But once he adjusts, he goes nuts.

Do you like swimming? Yep, love it. We were water babies growing up and I still enjoy a good swim.
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