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August 23rd, 2006, 04:59 PM
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I hate the neighbors! They both have 5 yr old girls and my daughhter was so excited about that when we moved her cause it gave her freinds she could play with everyday. A little background. These 2 girls are best friends. There moms have been friends since they were little and make sure the kids are always together. Both girls get everything that they want....EVERYTHING. They never get told no or get punished and are allowed to run in the street here with no adult around, stay out till 11 pm and other things I would never allow my daughter to do. My daughter hears the word no and if she is mean she will be appoligizing to who ever she was mean to. Well these kids have been mean to her more than once and tease her cause she is smart and likes to read and learn ( which I think is great!),anyway, Hailey went to play with them today and they told her that she will never have freinds that they hate her and told her to go home. I guess they were calling my dd a babay cause she cried when they started yelling at her. I talked to there parents and they said they don't like us cause we are young and we homeschool and they don't think that having a kid that can read and such is a good influence for there kids...WTH...I would love if Hailey was around kids that were smart ANyway, they said there kids have a right to make fun of my kids and that my kids are denied because I don't have a 6,000 swing set in our yard like they do. Hailey has outdoor toys she loves, sorry we aren't millionaires. She said that I should be turned in for punishing my kids cause time outs and stuff are bad cause kids should have free choice just like adults...SORRY< she is 5 yrs old! I don't hit or spank, but I belive a time out or loss of a privilage may be called for if she deserves it! UGh, then to tell me cause I am young (24) I can't homeschool...whatever, my kid is way smarter and better socialized than her kids. My DD is torn up over this and I don't know what to do. I mean we live right by them. UGh. What would you do?
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