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June 3rd, 2012, 07:35 PM
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Name: Karen
DH/SO's name: Jason
Other children/Furbabies: daughter Victoria (12-31-06)
Due date: 1-9-13
Gender (if known): not yet!
Any treatments/surgeries used to become pregnant: this time was a miracle!
Anything else you'd like to tell us?

I've been living with the endo diagnosis since 2001. I was a 20 year old newlywed and could not for the life of me figure out why I was in so much pain! Every time my hubby and I made love I was in pain- so much for being newlyweds, huh! Plus I had a pain that shot from my right ovary down to my leg. It became so bad I couldn't drive comfortably or make it up the stairs to our apartment. After countless tests and visits to specialists an ob/gyn decided that I either had Crohns disease or endometriosis. He decided to do a laparoscopy. It would give a diagnosis either way. It was endo. Mostly on my bowels and ureter where no doctor will burn. He took off what he could on my female organs. Then they started me on Lupron.

That lap was in May of 2001. I was still in pain when he went back in for a second lap in September. Turned out the adhesions had wound around my appendix and was causing the shooting pain. They wound up removing my appendix laparoscopically.

My 3rd lap was in October of 2003 when we decided that we should start TTC. We had a feeling that it would be a long road and wanted to get my body cleared out and ready. We tried for a year with no luck. We did Clomid- no luck. I finally got pg in October of 2005 but lost the baby a few weeks later. It was devastating for us.

Fast forward to Mothers Day of 2006 I woke up expecting my period and decided to take a pregnancy test for kicks. I was floored when it said pregnant! I glowed with happiness all day, just knowing that because it was Mother's Day that this would be our gift from God. On New Years Eve our Victoria was born- 24 days early, but perfect, pink, and healthy!

That brings us to this year. After almost five good years of no endo symptoms, that old familiar pain began to creep back in. My cycles were a mess even while on continuous BC pill. I wound up with two periods a month and the pain was soon back full force. In February I got frustrated and went off the pill. We decided that we'd waited long enough. It was time to try for another baby and it may take us a long time to get there. We had my laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy scheduled for the second week of May, right before Mother's Day again.

But when I went in for pre-op bloodwork and a urine pregnancy test two days before the surgery, I got a huge surprise! I was pregnant! I could hardly fathom that we got pg without medical intervention, surgeries and whatnot! So here I am two months with the pain of endo as I feel my belly expanding is quite unusual, but I'm hoping that it will soon subside.

Good luck to anyone out there trying to conceive with this's so hard to focus on the "trying" when it causes so much pain- it has been life's worst catch 22 so far! But if you have a wonderful, supportive partner who listens and takes their time with you, I just know it will turn out positive for you someday!
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