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June 3rd, 2012, 07:48 PM
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Congratulations Amy! I remember what a surprise that was for us also. DH and I would just look at each other for months and go "Twins!" They were our first also, and I can't believe they are over a year old right now. Welcome to the group The ladies here answered so many of my questions, and I am sure they/we will do the same for you. To answer the ones you started with:

What is the one baby product you can not imagine living without??? There are a lot, but from about 4 months until maybe 9-10 months when they outgrew them, our bumbo's were invaluable. I could never have started/fed solids to two babies who were not sitting on their own yet without them. They loved sitting in them, and I loved that they could sit up to eat (since many of the highchairs seem to recline them back at that age). Oh, ok, I can't stop at one. I have two more to give you:

If you are planning on bfing a twin nursing pillow was a HUGE help to me when they were small in positioning them and dealing with both at once. Considering I felt permanently attached to my couch until they were about 6-7 weeks old, this was a great addition. There are several kinds out there, but I have and love the Twins Plus Pillow from My Brest Friend breastfeeding twins with my breast friend twins plus pillow (you can often find a used one in your local twins club ... or if not Target sells them online, so you can register for one). I still use it when I snuggle them both before bed, though they have just about outgrown it at a year.

If you are planning to bottle feed or end up doing a combination (like us, b/c I went back to work at 9 weeks, and DH is a SAHD, but obviously doesn't have the right equipment to bf). The bebe bottle sling is AMAZING. We got them when the kids were around 3 1/2 months and DH used them for bottles during the day. At that age, he would still have to help them get the bottle back in their mouth if they took a break and pushed the nipple out of their mouth, but it was much less tiring on him than holding both bottles (they were SLOW eaters). By around 5 months, they had learned to push the nipple back in their mouth when they wanted it. They were also great for feeding on the go if you were out in a store and they were getting fussy. It depends on how you plan to feed them, but if you end up bottle feeding at all, something to keep in mind... Baby Bottle Holders | Teach to Hold Baby Bottle

What is the one baby product you could have totally skipped? For us it was the bouncer. I know a lot of moms swear by them. We only had one, and neither of our kids like it. Luckily we bought it used, and it came as a set with a swing (which we did use a ton), so I don't feel bad about buying it.

Congrats again!
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