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June 3rd, 2012, 10:43 PM
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So last weekend we took O camping. We ended up getting stuck in traffic, so we texted BM an hour before 7 and said hey we're gonna be late prolly not getting back to town till 8:45 or so. She said ok no problem. So O sleeps the whole way home, and we drop him off, showered, at 8:45.

Before saying hello to him, she looks at Eric and says "So then I can have him until 8:45 next Sunday right?" And he says "sure." Whatever makes her happy. Kind of childish to do since he was asleep the extra hour and 45 we had him but oh well.

So we text her at 6 and say what time can we pick up O and she said well you dropped him off at 8:45 so around then. We text her at 8:35 and say we are leaving now please have him ready (she always invites Eric in for 10 min while O finishes getting ready and I hate that)

We get there and shes not there. O isnt there. Her mom says "Oh she said shed be back after 9."

He calls her, and she says "Oh Im at my condo I thought I was dropping him off." (Keep in mind by now it is 8:52 so either way shes late.)

So he says whatever just meet me at our house. So she finally drops him off at like 9:05 to us with no apology or anything. But he is wearing clothes too small and dress shoes. He said he had to change at the condo because he had to shower there because he got dirty. And then he said they visited his moms ex at the hospital bc he needs a new kidney. This is the same ex that has recently bought him a Wii and games for it. The same ex that caused BM to drink in the first place. The same ex she blamed for her losing custody of O because he is "crazy and controlling and unsafe."

I have a feeling before long we will be back in court. Sad because the only that will suffer is O.
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