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June 4th, 2012, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by krissy1989 View Post
I've cut out all his allergens - I didn't know that egg and wheat proteins were too large! One Googling experience and I was sure those proteins passed through. I'm sure LLL would know more than whatever sources I read. But that's all right - I've gotten into a good routine of avoiding everything, so I won't turn back now. Dairy has been hard because of cheese, but otherwise soy milk has been a calcium saver.

From this other forum I joined (Kids With Food Allergies), a lot of those moms told me that the back scratch test can give false positives. After a little experiment with tomatoes (that was one allergen I was pretty sure was a false positive), I'm sure he's not allergic to them. No hives, no crying, no rash, etc. So, one down! For the Top 8 allergens, I'll wait to do in-office food challenges to rule out any more false positives. I don't want him cutting out food that he doesn't need to cut out!

On a plus side, I've already lost six pounds.
That is great news!
I called LLL in a panic from the hospital when Orion had his really bad first reaction to eggs, (There was no way I was asking them at the small town hospital that was already raising eyebrows at me nursing him) and they checked with their liasons and that was what they came back with. (I have eaten egg containing products and no reaction from him, thank goodness, and he is REALLY sensitive)
For tomatos also something to watch out for is diaper rash, some kids and babies may not show the ususal allergic symptoms but it will show up in their diaper area ( eczema, red ring around the anus) The tests are not infalliable. I take them with a grain of salt, they are useful to give you a general direction.
With Dairy, cheese was the hardest for me to cut out too. I found now that he is older and not feeding as much I can have some cheese, and yogurt.

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