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June 4th, 2012, 08:08 PM
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Ask away Amy ... we will be more than happy to answer your questions:

two swings or one? Two bouncers or one? Up to you. Many people will tell you to just get one of each until you see what the babies like. We ended up with 2 different swings that we got at consignment sales and they were priceless for us in the first about 4-5 months (and the one bouncer that came with that which neither liked). I know moms that had 2 sets of bouncers (one upstairs and one down). I think it is a matter too of what you have space for in the house.

Two highchairs or one? Definitely two. They will enjoy eating at the same time with the family and you would go INSANE if you had to feed them back to back.

two cribs or one? Again, you will see LOTS of different opinions on this one. I kept mine separate from the beginning for a few reasons. We had a NICU nurse come speak at our local moms of multiples meeting while I was expecting and talked to us about how they were not even allowed to let them sleep together in the NICU anymore, beause it encouraged parents to do it at home and talked about some of the dangers of it (though not many when they are still immobile, but it gets harder to separate them) .. and also because our nursery room was small, so we ended up going with two mini-cribs instead of the regular size cribs. Not as much room in there for both even if we were considering it. Again, some people say their kids only slept well together... do your reading and decide what works for you.

I think the biggest thing I have learned with two is that advice is great. Listen to lots of different ideas, then take the ones that work for you and ignore the rest. Twins to me was all about managing our days and managing our sanity in whatever way worked best for our family. I think moms of twins are some of the least judgemental people I know, because we all know you do what you have to to get by.

Speaking of that .. my best piece of advice to you is to look into a local moms of multiples or moms of twins group near you. They are great for advice and hand-me-downs or resale. If they are affiliated with the National moms of twins clubs, then you can find a local club on this link National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc - Home or now days just google for it
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