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June 4th, 2012, 08:08 PM
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I was going to wait longer... but we haven't used any birth control since December, so we're approaching 6m.

A bit about me.

I'm currently 28 years old. I met my DH in August of 2009 but didn't actually speak to him directly until March of 2010. We didn't speak as friends until September 2010, and it went from there. We were married almost exactly a year later on Sept 22nd 2011.

Prior to meeting DH I had 8 miscarriages.

Two chemcial pregnancies with my JR sweetheart when I was in college (both in 2003, beginning and end of the year). I had been on the pill, but obviously it did not work.

I then had a 9w loss in 2005 with a different boyfriend, as a result of a condom mishap. This loss is what I will refer to as my first miscarriage. My pregnancy was not developing well, and after testing chose to terminate for medical reasons. I found out later that my boys had Trisomy 8 complete. Incomparable with life, and would have died regardless prior to 19 weeks. The father has a different form of the Tirsomy, but it is not supposed to be hereditary, but we don't really buy that since he lost a little girl in April 2008 to the complete version like his boys (different mom).

In 2007 I switched to the nuva ring in October. I had a chemical in Dec, Jan, Feb and then in April 2008 I lost a little girl at 8w. She was genetically perfect, but the nuva ring had thinned my lining so badly that it was nothing short of a miracle that she made it 8w, especially since I'd had normal af like bleeding at 4w and assumed I'd had another chemical.

Then in December 2009 during a brief fling with an ex (not any of the ones listed above lol) I found out I was pregnant in January. Unfortunately I found out because I'd fallen and was bleeding profusely, and decided to take an hpt. They discovered a tiny fetus in my cervix when I went to the doctor, but another with a heartbeat , still in my uterus. Unfortunately that night I passed that baby as well. I found out that they were identical girls measuring at 8w1d and 6w2d.

After that last miscarriage my AF changed. It became heavier, and more painful. I was placed on BCP in fall of 2010 and I remained on it until our wedding in 2011. I was unable to obtain the same brand in the US as I suffer from Migraine with Aura and no one would prescribe me something that I knew 1- worked and 2- would not cause me to have more migraines. We switched to FAM and spermicide... In November both DH and I began to have regular reactions to the spermicide and chose to switch to PnP. DH tired of that after about 1 week. lol.

And now here we are. Our first two cycles were PnP (not very regularly, DH pulled out if he wanted, which wasn't often), and we started ttc more than a year ahead of our original date of August 2013.

We are currently in our 4th official cycle. Last cycle we added pre-seed to the mix since DH has a skin condition and my natural lubrication isn't enough to not hurt him. This cycle I'm adding Levothyroxine for my thyroid condition, B6, and am waiting on a shipment of fertilitea to come from amazon (still need to research if I have to stop the B6).

DH suffers from heavy metal toxicity. This is mostly likely impacting his sperm quality. Unfortunately every doctor I've called has said they require ttc for 1 year before they'll see him. Since DH and I will be separated for a while this fall we are going to just keep ttc until we've hit the official 1 year before we push for extra help. He has had a successful pregnancy in the past, but it was before he got very sick.

However, since I have a low end of normal LP and he probably has slow swimmers, when I find a GP this fall I will mention to them this fact and see if there is anything medically they can do to help me lengthen my LP if the fertilitea and/or B6 do not help.

And that's me in a nutshell.
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