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June 5th, 2012, 01:49 AM
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It really was. It was like she was playing games just because she could.

Owen told us that his mom made him help her clean her condo and he said it was gross and dirty and she doesn't clean it much. He said he got so dirty cleaning it that she made him take a shower there and since he didnt have any clothes there he had to wear old ones and dress shoes.

I wanna know how someones SHOES get so dirty they cant be worn.. Something is fishy.

Also I guess the ex bf is getting a new kidney, hes in the hospital. O told me all about it right in front of his mom.

By the way, I did take a little pleasure in the fact that he ran up to the car when we pulled up SO fast and hugged me as soon as I got out that he forgot to say goodbye to his mom and she had to call him back over.

I know he loves her, but I love the proof that he loves me, too.

This blending thing is hard and I know it's only going to get harder, but whats worked the best for us is communication. I told him it bothered me that she always invites him inside, and he took the steps to put a stop to that. Had I not brought it up, he never would have known because hes a guy and guys dont think that way.

Deep breaths, one day at a time. Hope for the best. All I can do.

I just do want to say that I hope, for the sake of her relationships with O, that she doesnt get messed back up in alcohol and pills and crazy exes. Because that will just be sad. We give second chances, and in her case, 3 or 4, because she is his MOTHER, but I dont think Eric plans on giving any more. I can only hope she knows how serious this is.
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