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June 5th, 2012, 11:10 AM
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Well last night during one of my late night bathroom trips... I tripped over a cord and fell all the way over! I landed on my hands and knees mostly (my knees are pretty scrapped up) and my bump and my chest barely hit...

I laid down on my side to make sure she was still moving, checked her on my doppler, checked for blood and everything seemed okay. So I just went back to bed.

I did call my OBGYN office and left them a voicemail and told them what happened... I'm waiting for a call back. Part of me wishes I just went to the hospital last night but well see what they say. I have felt baby move this morning so that's good... I guess well see what the OB says.


Well my OB wanted me to go to L&D just to get monitored after the fall... Well I ended up having contractions, high blood pressure and horrible back pain. So they of course started doing blood draws for pre eclampsia, urine checks, watching my contractions and seeing if I was dilated more... Long story short my blood came back fine, my contractions kinda died off a bit, my BP went to an "alright" level, I didn't dilate more so after 5 hours I got sent home... But we did find out I have a nasty bladder infection so now I'm on antibitoics. Darnet! I was really hoping to have a baby!

Well in the middle of the night last night I woke up with a lot of pressure... So TMI ahead I had to go number #2 well during I had a gush come out. It kinda felt like AF. I stood up and it was my bloody show! It was very gross and all over. So I went back to bed and I felt some contractions but drifted into sleep... When I woke up this morning it feels as if my hips are gonna break and it feels like I have been riding a horse for 24 hours straight! I can barely walk! Ugh. No one told me it got this bad!

Right now I'm taking it easy... I wish I could walk or DTD to help bring on labor faster but I may cry if I do either of those. Haha Let's hope labor comes soon enough.

Forever missing my 3 angel babies. Sep 2010, Nov 2010, Jan 2011

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