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June 5th, 2012, 12:16 PM
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Gosh I think about you ladies all the time. I always wonder how everyone is doing and pray that everyone is still here and baking those beautiful rainbow babies. I keep meaning to start posting more, then wonder who actually remembers me, haha. Don't want people thinking I am just some crazy person who posts all over JM. Life is so crazy with a baby and three kids. I really didn't expect life to get so busy. I figured things would remain the same but honestly I forgot how much work babies are. And Kaitlynn is not a good sleeper and is allergic to the floor. Yeah its crazy every time you put her down she cries. I just hope she outgrows this allergy LOL. She is crawling and into everything and just this week decided to try cruising along the entertainment center and couch. I get maybe an hour of online time in the evenings and that is usually spent looking for stuff for my sister's upcoming wedding in November. I should try to log in from work more, and I totally forgot about the new app. I should use that more too. Then I can keep up better. I get super bored at work and play on FB alot LOL. Anyway Just wanted to let you all know that I do think about you and pray for all of you. Hope your having a great summer so far.

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