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August 23rd, 2006, 07:08 PM
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I would absolutely kill them.....WITH KINDNESS!!! I know it is hard having rude neighbors but don't stoop to their level. Obviously, they are not good enough to hang out with your sweet little girl and good thing you found out what kind of people they are before anything bad rubbed off on your little ones. If I were you, I would just act like they never spoke a bad word to your face. That will confuse the heck out of them, maybe even at say Christmas time, make up little baskets (with non edible some small candles) and put a cheery card from your family wishing everyone in the general proximity of your home a happy year and Christmas cheer. It will most likely confuse them, knock their socks off and possibly cause them to be ashamed of themselves for their terrible behaviour. Use this as a lesson to teach your daughter how to respond to unkind people. In the end they will have to answer for their actions and what is sad it will most likely be through their daughters...those kinds of kids usually end up being extremely disresptful and downright rebellious to mommy and daddy in later years.
Keep your head up! You are a better person than them..
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