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June 5th, 2012, 10:26 PM
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So for my vacuum I had an electrolux canister vacuum that lasted me at least 12 yrs. Over the last few months I knew it was starting to go bad because the carpet head would not always connect right with the hose and the powered head would sometimes kind of studder turning on, we would just slightly twist the head and try to push the connection together tighter and it would seem to then work. We were trying to put fof buying a new vacuum for a little bit because we had just purchased DS's new furniture for his new room and I got custom made curtains for his room which were not cheap but the other day I was redoing the shelving in DS's new closet to switch it from an office closet shelving to a wardrobe shelving and had to fill in the old holes with plaster and then eventually sand them and paint them. After finished I plugged in the vacuum to clean up and it literally started shooting flames out from the prongs that are used to make connection of the hose with the carpet head and it started to smell of burnt plastic. I quickly shut it off and unplugged it and refuse to try to re-use it so now I definately need to buy a new vacuum. So does anyone have any suggestions on a good quality vacuum, I don't want a piece of junk, I want good suction. I have 2 cats that tend to shed. We went shopping last weekend and can't decide what to get. We have carpeted stairs that need vacuumed and we have to vacuum furniture often. All the salesmen were consistent in saying the dyson's had the best suction. I like the canister vacuums vs. the uprights in that I feel they are easier to get under furniture and go up stairs however the dyson cannister has an air powered head and not a motorized head and the salesman told us that for our thick medium length carpet it might not work the best, it is meant for short nappy carpet. The other cannister vacuums though have HEPA air filters that need to be changed every 6 months and they have bags you have to buy so he said it will run us about 70 dollars a year in maintanence. The other thing I do like about the cannisters is that they have an electric powered small furniture/vacuum head atachment. I think this would be best getting hair off our furniture and for cleaning the stairs. Only the cannisters have this attachment. The uprights for the dyson animal have an attachment similar to this but it is an air powered head and I think it will have the same problem on our stairs carpet that the salesman said we would have with the dyson air powered head on the dyson cannister vacuum. So I like the dyson upright which does have an electrical powered head for the suction power it is toted to have and the fact that it is bagless and has a washable filter so there is no yearly maintance but I would like to have an electrically powered furniture/carpet head for our furniture and carpeted stairs which is only found in other cannister brands so I am torn. What would you all do or if you really like your vacuum, what brand do you have and what do you like about it.

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