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June 6th, 2012, 10:58 AM
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I have been leaning toward the same thing that you all have suggested today- give them all separate rooms. Normally I would not want to give a 4 year old a queen bed, BUT my in-laws are older, heavier set, and in poor health, so they could never sleep on an air mattress nor the pull out couch.
My other idea is put the baby in the largest room with a queen bed so that it can be a guest room until 2 of the girls could share a room at some point later and keep one guest room.

THANK YOU so much for the input. Now I just need to discuss with DH. I am thinking about calling his mom and asking her if she ever had her babies share rooms with older kids to give him some perspective. He is the fourth down the line so some of the kids may have had their own rooms that he wouldn't remember because he was so young.
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