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June 6th, 2012, 01:04 PM
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Take this for what its worth. I think DD1 should have her own room a little farther away from the Master. Sounds like she could use the extra space for a restful nights sleep. And I don't see a problem with DD2 sharing with baby once he/she comes. My SIL just moved her 21 month old son to a "big boy bed" this past week. She's due in Oct. Theyre hoping to have baby in a bassinet at bedside then first few months then move baby into DS room. They are forced to because of lack of space. It is her hope, and mine that her DS will just get used to baby's routine and sleep thru it.

You'd just have to determine if you think DD2 can handle the new routine.

Otherwise, my suggestion is move both DD1 and DD2 to a bunk-like situation in a different room and use their current room for baby. The down-side is that your guests will have less space to sleep but I'm sure they'd be understanding of your growing family.

Hope this helps!
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