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June 6th, 2012, 06:22 PM
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My Amazon shipment showed up today

50 cheapies
50 opk's
and my fertilitea!!!

I'm very excited for this fertilitea. I was worried about the taste, but apparently it tastes like peppermint (smells like it too) so that's exciting since that's my favorite tea is peppermint. I'm hoping together with my B6 it will at least get me an extra day or two on my LP.. but I'd like it even better if it gets me pregnant!

We got word today that DH will be getting laid off on June 17th. While for some a layoff is a bad thing, in his line of work it's greatly anticipated. He's been working 70+hour weeks for the last 19 weeks, and has only had 2.5 days off. He's worked the equivalent of 34 weeks total! There are already several job offers for him, he's had to turn down a few (none of them are official, so it won't affect his unemployment) because due to his health he does need a little recovery time between jobs and we have to get my belongings from Canada in August!

I must have known he was coming home with this news today. I emptied the cupboards in our kitchen, getting rid of things we won't eat, or were half eaten and stale. Organized our tea and coffee collection, cleared out the spice cabinet... it looks so empty in the kitchen now! Packing up the kitchen is going to be so easy in two weeks! The rest of the house... not so easy, but thankfully it's not all that much stuff. It's just going to be a nightmare to pack.. this apartment has a lil bit of a bug problem... so I'm terrified to touch anything I haven't moved on a daily basis!

Guess I'm going to go make myself a cup of my tea
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